Fertilizer Aeration Shed

Fertilizer Aeration Shed Before Emergency Repairs


-Cool & Dry Roofing was approached by the Project Manager for a large fertilizer aeration shed and asked to inspect and advise on some of the issues they were having at their facility.

-They were having serious structural issues in one section of the roof due to advanced corrosion that had affected roof purlins and roof sheeting.

-They asked us to design and implement an emergency repair plan for the corroded purlins and roof sheeting, including treatment of the advanced corrosion inside the aeration shed.

-Some images of the condition of the facility before treatment are below;

Challenges Faced:

-The working environment in the aeration shed was one of the most extreme we have come across in terms of its corrosiveness and danger to human health.

-We had to employ all our years of experience working in extreme environments to come up with a solution to address roof corrosion, install new purlins, all the while keeping our crew safe and working to a tight schedule.

-We were also very limited with our time frame to get access to the work area and were dealing with extreme heat, humidity, toxic vapours and compromised roof structure that was sagging dramatically.

-While working in the aeration shed, all operators had to have respirators and gas meters to measure gas vapours at all times.


Fertilizer Aeration Shed After Emergency Repairs


-Cool & Dry Roofing designed a methodology to lift and install purlins into place with the use of an elevated work platform.

-Cool & Dry Roofing innovated a custom designed bracket that connected purlin to the structural member to give further strength and protect from high winds. This was not suggested in their independent engineering report but was adopted after our recommendations.

-Once installation completed we applied ‘Metaltreat’ by airless spray over all corroded and newly installed purlins.

-‘Metaltreat’ is an innovative product designed to be airless sprayed straight onto unprepared corroded steel and non-ferrous substrates, to provide long-term corrosion protection. Metaltreat is a product from our corrosion division; http://www.corrosioncontrolaustralia.com/products.html

-For the roof repairs, we proposed a system of treating corrosion then patching over the area with a flexible flashing system, and sealants. A final coat of Solarproof was then applied to reduce heat load and waterproof.

-All employees ticketed with working at heights qualification – all access required harnesses and lanyards.

End Result:

-Despite the extreme working conditions, many challenges faced, and tight time schedule provided Cool & Dry Roofing were able to meet all deadlines and complete all work to a high-quality standard of workmanship.

-Worked within a strict safety procedure framework, including completing risk assessments, working at heights permits, hot works permits, and liaising with safety officers/ projects engineers.

-Worked within the minimal hours provided by the client for access to the area, and did not lose any time in production.

-All works completed injury and incident free.

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