More About Cool & Dry Roofing

Cool & Dry Roofing is a service oriented business with a focus on problem solving. We initially developed a number of innovative solutions for complex corrosion issues in the industrial arena. Those experiences in remote areas such as WA’s Pilbara and Kimberley Region led to a method of reducing heat in electrical switch boxes by spraying directly onto metal cladded houses, using a liquid insulation membrane.

From those early beginnings in 1989 we now have a number of products that are providing ongoing benefits in the commercial and domestic sectors. We show our strong commitment to service through our guarantee to start and complete our projects by a set date. We are also committed to work within your schedule and can work when you don’t – ie. We are happy to work out of normal business hours to ensure minimal disruption.  At Cool & Dry Roofing we pride ourselves on quality tradesman ship and use only the highest quality products that we have personally tried and tested over many years. This gives us the confidence to offer 10 years warranties on all our work.

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Popular Questions

What products do we use?
Cool & Dry Roofing use only the highest quality and durable products. This combined with our expertise give us the confidence to offer 10 years warranties on all our work. Some of these products include anti-corrosion coatings, high quality polyurethane sealants, waterproofing membranes, flexible flashing taping system, as well as our innovative energy saving coating.

What is Solarproof and how does it work?
The easiest way to explain how Solarproof works is to image the black coating/ material used on solar hot water system panels (usually chrome black). Solarproof works the opposite way… Chrome black absorbs 95% of the sun’s shorter wavelength radiant energy, and limits emission to only 9% of the longer infrared wavelength energy from the collector surface. Hence, very little of the heat that is gained is then lost through emissivity. Because of this selectivity, the chrome black surface may get hotter than the air temperature by 100 degrees Celsius or more.
By contrast, Solarproof absorbs only 15% of the sun’s heat and is especially good at re-emitting most of this absorbed energy away from the treated surface (over 95%). The end result is that the exterior surface only gets to about 5 degrees Celsius hotter than the ambient air temperature. This compares with an untreated exterior surface that gets 10 – 20 degrees Celsius hotter.

How long have we been using Solarproof technology?
Cool & Dry Roofing have been at the forefront of this innovate coating technology since the late 80’s.
They are pioneers and advocates of the technology for its power saving, heat reducing abilities. A lot of the companies now offering similar coatings draw their knowledge and formulations from the early pioneering work done by Cool & Dry Roofing’s founders. But in this case the saying ‘The original is always the best!’ rings true… We combine our product knowledge with the years of practical hands on experience gained with over 30 years in the industry.

How much can using Solarproof save us on our power bills?
We have an expression we like to use to describe Solarproof… ‘The hotter it gets the better it works!’ And so the hotter it gets, the bigger your cost savings! During the sometimes brutal summer months of Australian conditions we envisage ongoing savings of up to 25% per month. This can even get higher depending on your cooling equipment, and can be dramatic in facilities where refrigeration is a large running cost ie. supermarkets, commercial cooling warehouses. ALL Solarproof systems that we install will have a pay-back period where by the initial cost is payed back with savings on maintenance costs and power bills… This can be estimated with historical power bills.

How much can we save if we combine your Solarproof system with some external repainting work for our building?
This can vary, but in general when we are already mobilised on site with equipment and staff we can offer generous discounted extras. We always endeavour to make sure our customers are happy and feel they have got great value for their money spent.