Factory Roof Treatments Provided in Perth

Beat Heat Stress in the workplace

Solarproof benefits include;

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    Increased productivity by reducing internal temperatures and heat stress in the workplace.
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    Significantly reduced heat load on your building, in turn reducing cooling costs.
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    Reduce maintenance costs over lifetime​ of your AC units.
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    Can be coated over the exterior of roof top air conditioning ducting further reducing running costs.
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    Excellent for cooling towers and other rooftop plant and machinery.
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    Protect your asset long into future from the elements, and water ingress by encapsulating with ‘Solarproof’ waterproofing membrane.
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    Comes in a range of pastel colours to give your roof and walls a new​ lease of life.

Power Savings

“Power costs are set to rise in WA by 10% over next two years”.  West Australian Newspaper - Aug 17th 2017.

If your anything like us you’d prefer not to see your power bills go up!... as well as reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.
We offer a pay-back period for our roof treatments which can be calculated based on your historical power bills.
We envisage ongoing savings in summer months of 25% per month.
This percentage can increase in supermarkets and commercial cooling warehouses where fridges, freezers and cool rooms draw high power consumption - particularly during peak power usage.

It is proven that heat stress affects production, and in turn, your company’s bottom line.
By applying our cooling membrane to the outside surface of the roof as opposed to the underside, the insulation film prevents heat transfer to the inside of the building. This makes the workplace more comfortable, and as the heat load on the building is reduced, air conditioning units work more efficiently reducing power consumption. Metal roofs and fibro roof areas are traditionally hard to cool (and expensive) as are skillion roof types. In the residential sector this includes cathedral roof designs. We have also treated many clay and concrete tiled roofs with fantastic results!
Contact us to get a detailed copy of our job portfolio and customer references – 0411 545 700

AC Coil Coating

Cool & Dry Roofing are also able to apply an innovative and specialised coating to the cooling coils of your AC units. This coating makes the AC run more efficiently by insulating the coils and reducing temperature loss to the external atmosphere.

Additionally the coating protects from corrosion and can even be applied to already corroded coils.
Maintenance costs on AC units can be reduced, and combined with the roof treatments, huge saving can be achieved with pay back periods on your initial investment. Call 0411 545 700 for any inquiries you may have.

Zincalume, Colorbond Sheets, Tilt up panel walls, rendered brick and metal wall cladding..

Conventional exterior claddings like these, absorb heat and quickly transfer it to internal work areas. Which can make for uncomfortable work areas or sky high power bills. By coating exterior walls with ‘Solarproof’ membrane the wall remains cool to touch, meaning minimal transfer of heat. A textured decorative finish and the addition of pastel tinting can make your premises both beautiful AND cool.

Heat proofing

Unsealed and untreated roofs are prone to corrosion and heat absorption.

Solarproof seals your roof  from the elements and reflects heat.