SOLARPROOF is a water based, acrylic, high-build membrane with a CTC 'cellutec' nano powder additive which significantly reduces heat transferKeeping cool indoors when it is hot outdoors is a problem. The sun beating down on buildings causes indoor temperatures to rise to uncomfortable levels. Air conditioning gives us relief but the electricity costs to run it can be high.

Reduces Solar Heat Gain in Roofs by 70%

.........scientifically tested product

with proven twenty year plus track record.........

SOLARPROOF is an Australian technology. It is a heat radiant barrier coating. The water based acrylic membrane with CTC when sprayed on any surface to a thickness of 250 to 300 microns (DFT), significantly reduces the heat inside the building. This energy saving coating is extremely lightweight and pliable. Therefore it expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied.

Traditional Insulation slows down the rate of heat transfer, however after some time, the internal temperature rises above the external ambient temperature. Solarproof not only blocks heat transfer at source i.e. outside the structure, but also allows heat (normally trapped inside by bulk insulation) to escape more readily.

As the building cools with the external ambient temperature, so does the interior temperature. Solarproof is able to keep the building closer to shade temperatures. Solarproof is also more economical to install compared to traditional insulation, as it does not involve lifting the roof or removing the ceiling. As Solarproof is applied externally, on top of the roof or external walls, your business will not be interrupted during application.

Concrete roof & wall - Stabilises temperature, reduces crack formation and waterproofs
Roof & Wall - Blocks heat transfer. Reduces power consumption and increases comfort levels
Air Conditioning - Reduces heat load on Systems - Use on cooling towers, chillers, and a/c units and especially all air ducting exposed to the sun
Water Tanks and pipes - Will reduce heat stress on all structures containing water or other liquids and keep the contents cooler by by 5°C-10°C plus
Petroleum tanks - Reduces fuel evaporation
Electrical Power boxes - Less heat load on Sensitive Equipment. Stop power outages due to blown fuses in high temperatures.

Areas of application are varied only by your imagination. Solarproof liquid insulation can be applied to almost any exterior surface that is exposed to the high temperatures of the sun. Keeping people, machinery, structures, air & liquids cooler by up to by 5-10°

Agricultural / equestrian
Animal Housing
Dairy farms
Cold Storage
Vehicle roofs

Freight Containers
External Air Ducting
Oil transfer lines
Ducting HVAC
Water Tanks

Advantages over standard insulation materials

  • Hides masonry cracks
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Waterproofs and insulates at the same time​
  • Non Toxic
  • Extremely flexible
  • Non Flammable
  • Impervious to salt spray and airborne pollution
  •  Protects metal from extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly

Note: SOLARPROOF shouldn't be confused with or compared to bulk insulation on R/K values because mass type insulation retards heat flow whereas selective surface impedes heat flow.

Download the Engineering & Scientific Consultancy Report

This report summarises the principal issues concerning the use of high solar reflectance (low solar absorbtance), high infrared emittance coatings - referred to in this report as selective surfaces - for minimising solar heat gain into buildings (from domestic to commercial to industrial) and thus substantially reducing energy consumption for cooling purposes or, indeed, eliminating the need for air conditioning. This resultant reduction in electricity consumption, in turn means that less greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere .


Properly specified and applied, SOLARPROOF treated surfaces do not require maintenance over their life for 10 years.