Factory Roof Waterproofing Services in Perth

Winter Proof your Roof!

Up to 70% of building maintenance costs are due to water ingress…

Detailed roof inspections
- Including roof penetrations, AC water run-off.
- Condensation issues, water run-off.
- Design issues with roof sheeting, flashing, box gutters and down pipes.

Innovative Systems & high quality products
- Polyurethane sealants.
- Non Toxic and environmentally friendly.
- Anti-corrosion coatings, waterproofing membranes and flexible flashing taping system.
- Treatment of various roof types and surfaces including colour bond, zincalume/ metal, fibro, skillion roofs, and concrete.

Experienced Staff
- Highly experienced and trade qualified contractors with 30 years in the industry.
- Cert Ill Painting & Decorating, Cert Ill Surface Preparation & Coating Application, NACE 2 Coatings Inspector.
- 10 year warranty on all work.

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Cool & Dry Roofing specialise in commercial building roof leak location and repair. In our experience the origins of most leaks in commercial and industrial roof areas are from corrosion and deteriorated roof penetrations.

Water runoff from poorly installed or maintained a/c units is also a key problem, as the water is highly corrosive. In extreme cases this can compromise the structural integrity of the building.

Cool & Dry Roofing specialise in the jobs that have been difficult to fix, as our approach is different…

Concrete Roof Waterproofing

Flat concrete roof types tend to develop cracking due to exposure to excessive water pooling. This is known as spalling.

We address cracks before spraying membranes by chasing the cracks (cutting into crack mechanically and injecting fillers that will move with substrate but remain intact long term- up to 20 years if done correctly).

We have a concrete filler technology that forms a solid base for our 2 coat insulating membrane system to bond to.

We can also supply systems to accommodate for trafficable areas.

Before Cool and Dry Roofing treatment

Before and after of a factory roof waterproofing in Perth
Before Cool and Dry Roofing 2

After Cool and Dry Roofing treatment

After Cool and Dry Roofing 1
After Cool and Dry Roofing 2

Zincalume roofing treatment in progress

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